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Updated: Jul 5, 2022

This was such an exciting opportunity for managing the production for probably one of the biggest projects I've worked on to date. Just to season this statement with some more spice, the production was back2back 1 day apart with another music video from Sony Music. Just to put this into perspective, that's 5 international artists over two separate music videos in the same week. The first production was with the famous Badshah (India) and Grini (Morocco) and then straight after with the up and coming artists from the girl band Carizma.


TWO music videos in the space of a week! And as my dabue for managing such a large scale production.

Carizma | كاريزما Helwa El Hayah featuring BMd

It surely was a challenge to manage these projects, especially with the little time I had. Being brought on this project halfway through pre-production, I was faced with a lot of challenges I had to overcome including arranging a gold hypercar. Not to forget the hand over of other responsibilities. However this is in true Dubai style and I pulled it all off, last minute dot com!

I can't take all the credit though because South African Directors, Dewalt and Herman reached out to Producer and Creative Director Ali M who assembled the dream team on the ground here in Dubai. The Art department - Boora, his wife and their skilled labour force did an amazing job with the set design, the gaffer and his lighting set up and DOP with his ninja skills on the camera stabilizer. Everything came together on set beautifully and the final music videos above are proof of it.

I am super proud of this project I had the pleasure to manage and I look forward to being involved on more of this calibre in the future.

There's always a behind-the-scenes to these big productions. Check it out and thank you for looking through this project I had the honour to work on.

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Karl Edwards
Karl Edwards
10 de set. de 2018

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