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Live Streaming EVENTS?

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Live streaming your events through an entertaining mix of multiple camera angles and narrative storytelling has become very popular and now very affordable. It's one of the best ways to expose your event in the online space live and increase your engagement!

Here I will show how I do it and how you can.

Live streaming dubai
Live streaming Dubai

In this modern-day of high-tech-digial-media it is important to engage with your online audience just as much as it is with your offline audience. Whether it's an audience of followers that you influence, customers that you offer services to or the general public. Using Live streaming as a tool and streaming your events online is a very powerful way to engage with them and expose your event and its contents on a much larger scale.

The event that I have streamed with multiple cameras set up have had great success rates online and over 100% engagement rate compared to the previous events.

This video is a highlight and a bit of a behind-the-scenes from the production, live streaming and online platforms we streamed.

Here is one of my favourite and very interesting events that I have produced the live video stream for 3 consecutive years and the content topics are very inspiring.

Abu Dhabi Culture Summit

The Abu Dhabi Culture Summit is an initiative set up by the Abu Dhabi Culture Authority. I have been covering this event for the last 3 years and the event is over 5 days that covers talks, discussions and musicians and artists performing. Inside the main hall is a set up for 500+ people which we have 5 cameras installed covering all angles of the central stage and cutting between each camera all from the one switching device that we streamed live to the internet on multiple channels simultaneously. All the live streams are recorded for re-runs and replays after the event has finished and is still hosted on the Abu Dhabi Culture Summit Youtube channel and Facebook page which are worth checking out for all the content and engagement it all had pre during and post-event.

Here is a pre-event and pre-live stream call to action video. This is very important to publish before going live to create awareness not only around the event but the fact it will be streamed live for an online audience.

Usually, I only stream to one online platform at a time but in this special case, I was requested to stream on Youtube, Facebook and then to the Abu Dhabi Culture app and website simultaneously and learned news ways of doing this for future projects.

This is an uploaded video re-run from the original live stream in full length from one of the morning sessions on day 1. Feel free to skip through.

Almost every social media platform has equipment themselves for live streaming and with easy to access and affordable technology, there really is no excuse why you shouldn't be leveraging live streaming to boost your event engagement and exposure.

If you have any questions let me know in the comments or send me an email for any inquires.

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