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Working at business-to-business rates, I can provide a full video production service, from pre-production all the way through to delivery. This allows marketing companies or PR agencies, who may not have previously been able to offer video production, to add this service to their portfolio.

I film on a freelance basis with video production companies across the UAE and internationally. I have a wide knowledge of the latest camera systems from DSLRs to large-sensor cinema cameras and more traditional 1/2 inch and 2/3 inch sensor cameras. Whether your project is a live-cam event, a commercial piece or a documentary film, I can fit right in with your production.

I also offer a full photographic service, from planning to shooting, editing and delivering. Again, this allows marketing and PR companies that don’t have an in-house photographic team, to offer high-end, professional photography to their clients

I provide freelance video editing and post-production services to video companies across both the local area of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and throughout the UAE. If you have a project that needs something special to bring it all together, I can help you out.


I have all kinds of hardware and software for multi-camera live streaming and event capture from large events to podcasts, PR announcements and conferences. This is a service in demand since 2020 and only getting more popular with advancements in technology. 

I am available to talk about travel and adventure, blogging, shooting and editing videos and using them on social media. I like to share my knowledge of making videos and I can be apart of a stand-alone workshop or apart of an existing event plan.

I believe everyone needs to document their project work for internal or marketing future prospects. I offer a creative way to express the behind-the-scenes happenings of an event or production.  

I train people from all walks of life and ages who are looking to begin making videos and photographing for the first time. Coaching the professionals, brushing up on skills, breaking habits and teaching new trends and techniques is something I enjoy on a regular basis. I offer one on one personal training and public workshops.  Book your free consultation NOW

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