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BOOSTING Your Business With Online VIDEO CONTENT

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what kind of video content you should start creating that will build awareness around your business and services.

In this post, I will share with you a short case study and examples of some of the best kind of quick, catchy and entertaining online video content that any small business can leverage.

I have been working with The Co-Dubai in Downtown Dubai for a while and quite recently implemented a video content strategy that creates awareness around the The Co Dubai's business mentoring and co working space services.

This is where Shahzad Bhatti (Founder of The Co-Dubai) and I began creating a series of videos for Instagram TV that offered a free resource of business tips. Offering free business advice on subjects like; how to set up your business license in Dubai and how to create your brand and identity. A lot of valuable free advise and business tips have come from the Founder of The Co-Dubai. Already more than 10 videos packed with useful information have been uploaded to the The Co-Dubai’s account.

The Proof Is In The Pudding

Check them out for yourself and see how the power of online video and a simple content strategy can offer so much value to your customers, online audience and business.

Click here to see the Business Tips on The Co-Dubai Instagram TV channel and let us know what you think and if this is something you could benefit from. Comment below.


Do you think this is something you need for your business? Drop me an email for your free consultation and 30 minute free mentor session on making videos for your business.

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