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Learn how to make your own videos for social media and digital marketing.

Learn the basics of modern video/filmmaking and how to make your very own personal or professional videos in no time.

Fast track your video making skills with a simplified workshop breaking down the rules with the fastest and most simplest ways to make a video from start to finish.

Whos is this workshop for

  • Anyone who see the potential in sharing a message through impactful videos

  • Those with burning questions about making videos.

  • Beginner filmmakers with a keen interest to learn

  • Entrepreneurs and SME Business owners

  • Instagram professionals who want to leverage the YouTube platforms to expand their brand

  • Pro filmmakers looking to explore pro tips and break any habits.

What you can expect in this workshop

In these workshops your will learn the basic knowledge and techniques of how to make digital videos with result proven methods. Karl Edwards will be sharing his knowledge, pro tips and experience of over 15 years of digital media and filmmaking for those who want to begin making videos.

Who is Karl Edwards

Karl is a digital nomad, a filmmaker, a digital content producer with an everlasting lust for travel and adventure. He first came to Dubai in 2008 and loved it. Karl evolved over the years and now, thanks to a combination of luck, hard work and wonderful opportunities, he has a thriving self made business doing what he knows, doing what he loves.

Karl wears many hats within the creative industry and loves getting called upon with new ideas and cool concepts. They all seem to overlap. They all seem to tell stories and that’s what it’s all about really. Storytelling with different media but creating videos will always lie at the heart of all that Karl does and now he wants to share this with people who aspire to tell their stories through video and impact others.

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